Fantastic Foursome – Happy New Year

Along the lines of our recent Christmas post, I'm combining the New Year's post with another one of our Special Features, in this case Fantastic Foursome. You might remember that it's the one that offers up four different versions of the same song and then allows you to vote for your favorite. This isn't the … Continue reading Fantastic Foursome – Happy New Year

Fantastic Foursome – Revisiting A Familiar Time And Place

It's been several months since our last Fantastic Foursome, so I'll remind everyone that it's the Special Feature that presents a classic song in its definitive version and then gives you four different variations. You can listen to them and - if you'd like - vote for your favorite. We seem to be featuring music … Continue reading Fantastic Foursome – Revisiting A Familiar Time And Place

Fantastic Foursome – A Funny Face Redux

It's been quite a while since our last Fantastic Foursome, so for the benefit of newer visitors I'll explain that it's our Special Feature that allows you the chance to hear four different versions of a classic song. Then - if you like - you can vote for your favorite. (You can find links to … Continue reading Fantastic Foursome – A Funny Face Redux

A Lunar Fantastic Foursome

One of my favorite posts on the GMC is titled Picnics And Music –The Curious Case Of Moonglow, and it explores how "Moonglow" -- a fine song in its own right -- somehow got attached to the theme from the 1955 film Picnic, and became a best-selling record. In fact, the resulting two-song medley was … Continue reading A Lunar Fantastic Foursome

A Crushingly Good Fantastic Foursome

When rocker Linda Ronstadt got together with bandleader/arranger Nelson Riddle in 1983, the result was a triple-platinum album that not only turned her career in a different direction, but also brought the music of the past to the attention of a new generation. The first album of what would be a series for her, What's … Continue reading A Crushingly Good Fantastic Foursome

Another Foursome To Consider

I thought maybe it was time to spotlight another song. This time around I've picked a song that came to life in the 1930s and soon became a standard, recorded by an endless list of performers. Written by Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields, "The Way You Look Tonight" won the Academy Award for best song … Continue reading Another Foursome To Consider

Just Keep Smilin’

If you're a "glass half-empty" type of person, it's certainly easy enough to find reasons to be that way in today's world. But if you look at that same imaginary glass and see it as half-full (and maybe even rising), then chances are that you're able to crack a smile once in a while. But … Continue reading Just Keep Smilin’