Fantastic Foursome – Astaire Redux

Today's featured song on the GMC Special Feature known as Fantastic Foursome is another with a strong connection to Fred Astaire. For a guy who always comes to mind first and foremost as a dancer, he had quite an impact in many other ways during his long career. In this case, he not only introduced … Continue reading Fantastic Foursome – Astaire Redux

Fantastic Foursome – A Funny Face Redux

It's been quite a while since our last Fantastic Foursome, so for the benefit of newer visitors I'll explain that it's our Special Feature that allows you the chance to hear four different versions of a classic song. Then - if you like - you can vote for your favorite. (You can find links to … Continue reading Fantastic Foursome – A Funny Face Redux

Doin’ The Yam With Fred Astaire

'Can't Sing, Can't Act. Balding. Can Dance a Little.' You might recognize that as the oft-quoted evaluation from an early talent scout, giving his opinion about the then-young performer Fred Astaire. The punch line, of course, is that he became one of the biggest stars of all time; and while his career was certainly anchored … Continue reading Doin’ The Yam With Fred Astaire