Whatever Will Be Will Be

Like most kids of my generation I grew up assuming that the predictions many experts were making for the future would come true. After all, they were experts, right? You could see their educated guesses everywhere, from the scifi movies I loved to watch in those days to TV documentaries spelling out the coming wonders. … Continue reading Whatever Will Be Will Be

Doris Day’s Rock And Roll Connection

It's likely that most fans of oldies music remember a California-based group known as the Rip Chords, a combo that epitomized a sub-genre of rock and roll known as 'hot rod music' with a big hit on "Hey Little Cobra" in 1964. You might also recall that the group seemed to go through a lot … Continue reading Doris Day’s Rock And Roll Connection

A ‘Thoughtful’ Fantastic Foursome

Something a little different on today's Fantastic Foursome. I'm still giving you four different versions of a song and asking for you to vote for your favorite, but I'll tell you right up front that I'll be voting for Nat King Cole. His rendition of "The Very Thought Of You" is one of my all … Continue reading A ‘Thoughtful’ Fantastic Foursome

A Fantastic Foursome That’s Season Appropriate

Time for another of our 'fantastic foursome' posts. Today's choice is perfectly suited to what I see when I look out my window. Although "Autumn Leaves" has become a familiar standard, you might be surprised to learn that it started life as a French song titled "Les Feuilles Mortes" ("The Dead Leaves"), and was introduced … Continue reading A Fantastic Foursome That’s Season Appropriate

And Here We Go Again

It might be hard to believe, but it's been almost a month since our last Fantastic Foursome. (For those who are new to the GMC, that's the completely silly name I've given to a post that features four different versions of a song and then asks for your vote.) This time around it's an old … Continue reading And Here We Go Again

Another Foursome To Consider

I thought maybe it was time to spotlight another song. This time around I've picked a song that came to life in the 1930s and soon became a standard, recorded by an endless list of performers. Written by Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields, "The Way You Look Tonight" won the Academy Award for best song … Continue reading Another Foursome To Consider

Doris Day Introduced Ruth Etting To New Generation

When I was a kid I'd sometimes get a little puzzled while watching a movie that was supposed to be about someone famous, because often I'd never heard of them. Of course, I was spectacularly clueless in those days (still am, for that matter) but the reason for the confusion was usually just a generational … Continue reading Doris Day Introduced Ruth Etting To New Generation

Doris Day’s Favorite Singing Co-Star

Doris Day, who is in her late eighties and at last report doing just fine, has always been known as a classy lady. She would never actually designate someone as her favorite singing co-star, because she'd figure that saying something like that might disrespect those not chosen. But one thing is certain -- for a … Continue reading Doris Day’s Favorite Singing Co-Star