A Lunar Fantastic Foursome

e5ad3e_743ed320d317469b85598e0c408dd248mv2One of my favorite posts on the GMC is titled Picnics And Music –The Curious Case Of Moonglow, and it explores how “Moonglow” — a fine song in its own right — somehow got attached to the theme from the 1955 film Picnic, and became a best-selling record. In fact, the resulting two-song medley was so popular that it became the unofficial standard, in many cases showing up even when the song title just shows “Moonglow.”

But on today’s Fantastic Foursome, we’re getting back to basics and featuring the original “Moonglow,” a song that came to life back in the early jazz age. Written by Irving Mills, Will Hudson, and Eddie DeLange, it sold a lot of records back in the 1930s with versions by Joe Venuti, Benny Goodman, Ethel Waters, Artie Shaw, and a few others, and even in later years it still shows up from time to time without the ‘picnic’. (You can hear some of them and vote for your favorite, below the video.)

Art Tatum – Artie Shaw – Ethel Waters – Rod Stewart

1-artArtie Shaw3-ethl4-rod

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