Just Keep Smilin’

If you’re a “glass half-empty” type of person, it’s certainly easy enough to find reasons to smilebe that way in today’s world. But if you look at that same imaginary glass and see it as half-full (and maybe even rising), then chances are that you’re able to crack a smile once in a while.

But smiling isn’t always easy and sometimes we can use a little help. Hopefully someone will lend a hand — or two — but if all else fails we can always turn to a musical classic.

Written by Charlie Chaplin for his 1936 film, Modern Times, “Smile” has become one of the most-recorded songs of all time. It has shown up just about everywhere, including in a performance by Jermaine Jackson at his brother Michael’s memorial service. It is said to have been the King Of Pop’s favorite song, (although I always take those kinds of pronouncements with the proverbial grain of salt).

Rod Stewart – “Smile”


2 thoughts on “Just Keep Smilin’

  1. Several years ago I needed to apply for a Mechanical License from the Harry Fox Agency in order to put out a recording of my own of “Smile”. I remember at the time when I found out that the song was authored by Charlie Chaplin I was a bit dumb-founded. The song had been a favorite for years but I was clueless as to who had written the song. Now I had always been a fan of Mr. Chaplin but was amazed, given his role as a comedian, that he could have written such a lovely piece. But after giving it some thought, it made perfect sense that he would be the author of such a song.

    It has always been a favorite of mine. I think my two favorite versions, not to exclude the original that was included in the Modern Times film, would have to be those released by Nat King Cole and The Lettermen.

    And I have to say that in my opinion, the most hilarious use of the song was in a Seinfeld episode featuring Kramer and Mel Torme where Kramer was mistakenly thought to be a mentally challenged person and Mel sang the song to Kramer at a gala dinner honoring the mentally challenged.


  2. I think Nat’s is my favorite too.
    And thanks for the reminder about a very funny Seinfeld — sometimes Mrs. BG (who is not a Seinfield fan) asks me why I liked it and watched it all those years, and I can never give a good answer. It only sounds funny to someone who has seen it before — non-fans just scratch their heads.


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