hall-of-fame-trophyThe HALL OF FAME is a list of posts from the past that are the most popular of all time, along with a few that I like especially well. I bet you’ll find what you’re looking for here, but the HALL OF FAME is an open-ended thing so if you have a favorite you’d like added, tell me.  Just leave a comment here with your request and I’ll find the post and see if it’s one that can be added.

(Please note that the posts listed below are in no particular order, but as the list expands I’ll add the new ones at the bottom.)


REVIEW: Johnny Mathis – Gold: A 50th Anniversary Celebration (Music Added!)

The Many Lives Of Eddie Hodges

Marilyn Monroe The Singer

Dave Loggins – Kenny’s Talented Cousin

Have Guitar, Will Travel – Johnny Western

Origins Of Rock And Roll – Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith

The Mystery Of Charly McClain

The Crooning Eberly – Er – Eberle Brothers

The REAL Eddy Duchin Story

The Singing Side Of Clint Walker

Ricky Nelson Loved The Collins Kids

John Gary – His Voice Dazzled

Jimmy Clanton Is Still Rockin’

The Mystery Of Dardanelle

Dave ‘Baby’ Cortez And His Happy Organ

Shame On You, Spade Cooley

Jess Stacy’s Unforgettable Moment

The Danleers: One-Hit-Plus Wonders

The Happenings Are Happening Again

The Story Of Esquerita – aka Eskew Reeder

The Lost Voice Of Ann Richards

Buffalo Springfield – Two Short But Amazing Years

The Mystery Of Karen Chandler


Did Gene Pitney Sing For Los Bravos?

Anatomy Of A Song – “Moonlight Serenade”

The Fallacy Of The Famous Dueling Banjos

The Quintessential Italian Crooner

Sing Like An Egyptian

From Sinatra To Rod Stewart – The Crooner Conundrum

Anatomy Of A Song – “And the Angels Sing”

Reality vs The Waltons

Bing Crosby Gets A Mulligan

Hank Williams And The Hunt For The Elusive Sassafras

Respecting The Art Of Yodeling

Who Was The Real All-American Boy? Elvis, Bobby Bare, Or…

From Billie Holiday To Doris Day – The Songbirds

Did Rock & Roll Kill Your Hit Parade?

3D Has Been Around For A Long Time

Remembering The Music Of The Cotton Club

Whippoorwills And Whippersnappers

Ridin’ The Rails To Detroit City

Ridin’ The Rails (Part II) – New Orleans

Ridin’ The Rails (Part III) – Canada

A New Special Feature – Five Star Favs

Taxi Drivers Have Feelings Too

Rebel Without A Clue

The Longest Walk Of My Life

Benny Goodman Conquers Carnegie Hall


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