Fantastic Foursome – A Funny Face Redux

It’s been quite a while since our last Fantastic Foursome, so for the benefit of newer visitors I’ll explain that it’s our Special Feature that allows you the chance to hear four different versions of a classic song. Then – if you like – you can vote for your favorite.Gershwin_Simon_2007_Obv (You can find links to all of our Special Features in the left column.)

So here we go. Today’s showcased song — “‘S Wonderful” — is another beloved standard from George and Ira Gershwin. It was written for the 1927 Broadway musical, Funny Face, and was performed by Allen Kearns and Adele Astaire. But here’s an interesting twist: Adele’s brother Fred was also in that stage show, and thirty years later he performed the song with Audrey Hepburn in a movie that was also called Funny Face, but had a completely different plot. (Video below.)

The song has shown up in several other movies too, and along the way it became a favorite of singers and instrumentalists everywhere. Some versions are more familiar than others but below are four of the best for you to try. You can listen to each and vote for your favorite if you’d like.

Ella Fitzgerald  —  Ray Conniff Singers  —  Rod Stewart  —  Teddy Wilson


4 thoughts on “Fantastic Foursome – A Funny Face Redux

  1. Hey BG, I had no idea S’ Wonderful was that old. I have an interesting version by The Kirby Stone Four and another by Gene Kelly & Georges Guetary. Also, hanging around somewhere is the Ray Conniff album. Thanks for the memory revival on this!


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