Anatomy Of A Song – About Staying Power

This edition of Anatomy of a Song features a selection that revisits the iconic songwriting team of the Gershwins. It was the last song written by George Gershwin before his death in 1937, and brother Ira then added the lyrics as a tribute to his sibling. Although the song didn't get a lot of attention … Continue reading Anatomy Of A Song – About Staying Power

Fantastic Foursome – A Funny Face Redux

It's been quite a while since our last Fantastic Foursome, so for the benefit of newer visitors I'll explain that it's our Special Feature that allows you the chance to hear four different versions of a classic song. Then - if you like - you can vote for your favorite. (You can find links to … Continue reading Fantastic Foursome – A Funny Face Redux

Fantastic Foursome – Brrrrr!! 

It would be hard to imagine a more appropriate song for today's Fantastic Foursome. With Winter weather doing its best to make us miserable, "Baby, It's Cold Outside" is not only very descriptive of current conditions, but might also serve to give us a much-needed chuckle or two. Written in 1944 by Frank Loesser, it … Continue reading Fantastic Foursome – Brrrrr!! 

A Crushingly Good Fantastic Foursome

When rocker Linda Ronstadt got together with bandleader/arranger Nelson Riddle in 1983, the result was a triple-platinum album that not only turned her career in a different direction, but also brought the music of the past to the attention of a new generation. The first album of what would be a series for her, What's … Continue reading A Crushingly Good Fantastic Foursome

Not To Rush The Season Or Anything

I'm usually not one to rush the season. In fact, I'm more inclined to turn into a Grinch as the holidays approach. But since I'd already decided that today was a good day for a slideshow, and everywhere you look is Christmas stuff. . .well, you get the idea. Ella Fitzgerald - "Santa Claus Is … Continue reading Not To Rush The Season Or Anything

Marilyn Monroe The Singer

If your memories of Marilyn Monroe as a singer mostly consist of her breathy rendition of "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" offered up to Jack Kennedy or brassy numbers like "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend," then you might be surprised to hear that there is a movement afoot to reexamine her vocalizing. According to a … Continue reading Marilyn Monroe The Singer

Doin’ The Cow-Cow Boogie

Over the last decade or so, colorful life-size statues of cows have shown up in cities all over the world. It's the most visible sign of a movement known as CowParade, which has raised more than $20 million for charity via the subsequent auctions of the colorful bovine beauties. In the slideshow below I've included … Continue reading Doin’ The Cow-Cow Boogie