The Two Eras Of Enoch Light

I can remember hearing music by Enoch Light's orchestra many times through the years, but I now realize that I always had a few misconceptions about him. By the time I started noticing him in the 1950s and 1960s he was known as someone who specialized in cutting-edge music, and as a pioneer in producing … Continue reading The Two Eras Of Enoch Light

Old Radio Dog Finds New Bone

Something a little different today. (Although if you haven't been here lately you might have already noticed that the GMC itself is kind of different these days.) Regular visitors might remember that I've mentioned several times in the past that I spent a few years in the 60's working as a radio DJ. (Here's the … Continue reading Old Radio Dog Finds New Bone

Stay Away, Sleep Monster!

I found a new word the other day that I've really taken a liking to because it seems to fit me so well. An ultracrepidarian is someone who babbles on endlessly about things that they know very little about. That's me. . .just ask Mrs. BG. At the very least, it's good to know that … Continue reading Stay Away, Sleep Monster!

Anatomy Of A Song – A Russian Classic Goes Pop

As we all look forward to the approach of the new year (it has to be better than 2017, right?) I thought it might be a good time for another edition of one of my favorite Special Features, Anatomy Of A Song. The featured piece of music is one that has a history that includes … Continue reading Anatomy Of A Song – A Russian Classic Goes Pop

The Sound Of Royal Sax

A while back I posted a piece about a pair of 1960's combos with very similar names -- Tornados and Tornadoes -- but today it's a different kind of name thing. If you're at all interested in jazz, you might have run across a great saxophonist who worked with everybody from Ellington to Basie to … Continue reading The Sound Of Royal Sax

Ina Ray Hutton – The Blonde Bombshell Of Rhythm

A while back we featured singer June Hutton, but today it's her older sister's turn in the spotlight. Ina Ray Hutton was probably best known for leading an all-girl band (although she later fronted male groups too) and had so much flash and charisma that she was sometimes billed as the Blonde Bombshell Of Rhythm. … Continue reading Ina Ray Hutton – The Blonde Bombshell Of Rhythm

June Hutton Was All-Around Talent 

(Note: I had originally intended to write about the passing of Lesley Gore, but it was about then that the flu bug hit me. By now there have been tons of good articles posted about that talented lady, so I'll just salute her and move on to another subject.) Sometimes confused with bandleader Ina Ray … Continue reading June Hutton Was All-Around Talent 

In Appreciation Of The Amazing Viola Smith

This is a different kind of post for the GMC. First of all, the only music I can find that features the spotlighted performer is on a video. But it's also different because I'm going to give you the basics, but then point you toward a couple of other places that do a much better … Continue reading In Appreciation Of The Amazing Viola Smith

Swingin’ With The Eel – Bud Freeman

Those of us who are fans of the big band era know that the tenor saxophone was an important part of its success, and in the early years its use was popularized by guys like Coleman Hawkins and Lester Young. But there was another saxman around in those days who could stake a legitimate claim … Continue reading Swingin’ With The Eel – Bud Freeman

The Geezer And The Gigolo

Okay, I'm not going to get all silly and turn this into a new special feature, but I do want to report that I've had another one of those funny musical coincidences. You might recall that I wrote about this kind of thing in a previous post titled Mysterious Musical Occurrences. If you're new to … Continue reading The Geezer And The Gigolo