Jukeboxes I Have Known

(Note: this is the last post I had ready to go before my hospital adventure. From now on I'll have to come up with some new ones, so wish me luck! BG) A good friend of mine, who has been gone for many years now, had a working vintage jukebox in his living room. But … Continue reading Jukeboxes I Have Known

The Two Eras Of Enoch Light

I can remember hearing music by Enoch Light's orchestra many times through the years, but I now realize that I always had a few misconceptions about him. By the time I started noticing him in the 1950s and 1960s he was known as someone who specialized in cutting-edge music, and as a pioneer in producing … Continue reading The Two Eras Of Enoch Light

What If Saxophones Had Never Been Invented?

I've mentioned a few times before that I played the clarinet as a kid (and compared myself to Benny Goodman) but I've also always had a fondness for the sound of a saxophone. I've never played one -- it was all I could do to manage the clarinet -- but I had a couple of … Continue reading What If Saxophones Had Never Been Invented?

From Russia With Love. . .Songs

I always thought there were some similarities between "April In Paris" and "Autumn In New York" but I didn't realize until recently that both romantic ballads were written by the same guy, and his story is a good one. Born in Russia as Vladimir Aleksandrovich Dukelsky, a name that he continued using off and on … Continue reading From Russia With Love. . .Songs

Anatomy Of A Song – Consuelito’s Mexican Classic

The story of today's Anatomy Of A Song starts with its composer, Mexican legend Consuelo Velázquez (Torres), who was often called Consuelito. She was 88 when she died in 2005, and had spun out a long and successful career as a pianist, singer, and composer. Many of the songs she wrote are still loved and … Continue reading Anatomy Of A Song – Consuelito’s Mexican Classic

Buddy Greco’s Benny Goodman Moment

How talented would a 16-year-old musician in the early 1940's have had to be to grab the attention of Benny Goodman? And not only that, but to then have the King of Swing offer him a job as pianist, singer, and arranger with the biggest of the big bands? That teenager was Buddy Greco, and … Continue reading Buddy Greco’s Benny Goodman Moment

Old Radio Dog Finds New Bone

Something a little different today. (Although if you haven't been here lately you might have already noticed that the GMC itself is kind of different these days.) Regular visitors might remember that I've mentioned several times in the past that I spent a few years in the 60's working as a radio DJ. (Here's the … Continue reading Old Radio Dog Finds New Bone

Stay Away, Sleep Monster!

I found a new word the other day that I've really taken a liking to because it seems to fit me so well. An ultracrepidarian is someone who babbles on endlessly about things that they know very little about. That's me. . .just ask Mrs. BG. At the very least, it's good to know that … Continue reading Stay Away, Sleep Monster!

Theremin Is Not A New Wonder Drug

As someone who grew up tinkering with old electrical contraptions, I was always fascinated by some of the odd properties they displayed. For example, I learned pretty early on that you couldn't put a microphone too close to a speaker without creating all kinds of squeals and squawks, known as feedback. And I naturally tried … Continue reading Theremin Is Not A New Wonder Drug

Maestro Of The Hotel Ballroom

I've written plenty of articles in the past that I started by stating that the featured artist was not a household name, but today might be the least householdy name of them all. Bandleader Ernie Heckscher found plenty of success over his half-century career, but it was mostly as the leader of orchestras playing in … Continue reading Maestro Of The Hotel Ballroom