The Geezer And The Gigolo

Okay, I'm not going to get all silly and turn this into a new special feature, but I do want to report that I've had another one of those funny musical coincidences. You might recall that I wrote about this kind of thing in a previous post titled Mysterious Musical Occurrences. If you're new to … Continue reading The Geezer And The Gigolo

Fantastic Foursome – Revisiting A Familiar Time And Place

It's been several months since our last Fantastic Foursome, so I'll remind everyone that it's the Special Feature that presents a classic song in its definitive version and then gives you four different variations. You can listen to them and - if you'd like - vote for your favorite. We seem to be featuring music … Continue reading Fantastic Foursome – Revisiting A Familiar Time And Place

Anatomy Of A Song – Differing Styles But Same Song

It's about time we had another edition of our oldest Special Feature, Anatomy of a Song, so here we go. Today's choice was popular with fans in two different eras although it had a contrasting style in each. It began life in the mid-1940s as a movie love song that was perfect for crooners, but … Continue reading Anatomy Of A Song – Differing Styles But Same Song

A Fantastic Foursome For Stella

I think we're due for another Fantastic Foursome and I've picked one of my favorite songs, offering four versions of it and giving folks the chance to vote. (Wouldn't be much point in choosing one I didn't like.) The incredibly prolific Victor Young wrote it for a spooky 1944 movie called The Uninvited, which starred … Continue reading A Fantastic Foursome For Stella

The Blue Lady — Helen Forrest

I was listening to one of my favorites recently, and as I enjoyed the music I thought to myself that it was a perfect example of how the singers who performed in the big band era did their job. The song, performed by Harry James and his orchestra with a vocal by songbird Helen Forrest, … Continue reading The Blue Lady — Helen Forrest