Fantastic Foursome – Sinatra’s Epitaph

For this edition of our Special Feature known as Fantastic Foursome, we're taking a look at a song that was written for Tony Bennett, but ended up becoming one of Frank Sinatra's favorites. In fact, "The Best is Yet to Come" was the last song he performed in public and it was also engraved on … Continue reading Fantastic Foursome – Sinatra’s Epitaph

A ‘Thoughtful’ Fantastic Foursome

Something a little different on today's Fantastic Foursome. I'm still giving you four different versions of a song and asking for you to vote for your favorite, but I'll tell you right up front that I'll be voting for Nat King Cole. His rendition of "The Very Thought Of You" is one of my all … Continue reading A ‘Thoughtful’ Fantastic Foursome

The Elegance Of Nancy Wilson

I've written several times about my radio experiences in the early 1960's so I won't repeat all that, but I did want to mention again how we had a large shelf of record albums that we slowly worked our way through, playing a cut from each. The result of doing that day after day, week … Continue reading The Elegance Of Nancy Wilson