Theremin Is Not A New Wonder Drug

As someone who grew up tinkering with old electrical contraptions, I was always fascinated by some of the odd properties they displayed. For example, I learned pretty early on that you couldn't put a microphone too close to a speaker without creating all kinds of squeals and squawks, known as feedback. And I naturally tried … Continue reading Theremin Is Not A New Wonder Drug

Whatever Will Be Will Be

Like most kids of my generation I grew up assuming that the predictions many experts were making for the future would come true. After all, they were experts, right? You could see their educated guesses everywhere, from the scifi movies I loved to watch in those days to TV documentaries spelling out the coming wonders. … Continue reading Whatever Will Be Will Be

The Final Frontier Remains Unexplored

Well, I guess I'm not going to the moon, and certainly not to Mars or any other planet in the Solar System for that matter. And it would appear that traveling to distant stars is not going to happen for me either. But there was a time when I was convinced I'd do all that … Continue reading The Final Frontier Remains Unexplored