A ‘Thoughtful’ Fantastic Foursome

Something a little different on today's Fantastic Foursome. I'm still giving you four different versions of a song and asking for you to vote for your favorite, but I'll tell you right up front that I'll be voting for Nat King Cole. His rendition of "The Very Thought Of You" is one of my all … Continue reading A ‘Thoughtful’ Fantastic Foursome

Bing Crosby’s British Rival Met A Tragic End

When legendary crooner Bing Crosby was first rising to stardom in the 1930s, he wasn't the only guy vying for the adoration of music fans. In fact, one of his contemporaries was a British singer who was often compared to him. But even though Al Bowlly had a world of talent and seemed to have … Continue reading Bing Crosby’s British Rival Met A Tragic End