The Sound Of Royal Sax

A while back I posted a piece about a pair of 1960's combos with very similar names -- Tornados and Tornadoes -- but today it's a different kind of name thing. If you're at all interested in jazz, you might have run across a great saxophonist who worked with everybody from Ellington to Basie to … Continue reading The Sound Of Royal Sax

Lester Young – AKA Prez

The ol' GMC is five years old, and anyone who has spent some time here has probably noticed that I enjoy shining a spotlight on some of the less-remembered musical stars of the past. Of course, I've devoted plenty of space to the big names too, but I especially like to dig into artists who … Continue reading Lester Young – AKA Prez

REVIEW: Count Basie Orchestra – Swinging, Singing, Playing

One of the best of the many "ghost" bands that have operated through the years would have to be that of Count Basie. Although he died over twenty years ago, the Count Basie Orchestra -- or the CBO, as it calls itself (complete with a nifty logo that pictures all the group's members) -- has … Continue reading REVIEW: Count Basie Orchestra – Swinging, Singing, Playing