June Hutton Was All-Around Talent 

(Note: I had originally intended to write about the passing of Lesley Gore, but it was about then that the flu bug hit me. By now there have been tons of good articles posted about that talented lady, so I'll just salute her and move on to another subject.) Sometimes confused with bandleader Ina Ray … Continue reading June Hutton Was All-Around Talent 

The Perseverence Of Irene Daye

One of the things I’ve learned during six years of doing this is that even performers who don’t reach big stardom can still have fascinating life stories. A good example is big-band songbird Irene Daye, who was never a huge name but still managed to be the solo vocalist on one of the biggest hits of … Continue reading The Perseverence Of Irene Daye

Charlie Spivak – Playing Sweet And Straight

Orchestras in the big band era were often labeled in one of two ways. They were either 'hot' -- which meant cutting-edge music that often featured improvised solos -- or 'sweet', which perfectly describes the smooth and straight-ahead sound offered by bandleaders like Charlie Spivak. Although his origins were a little fuzzy -- he either … Continue reading Charlie Spivak – Playing Sweet And Straight