Ray’s Song Becomes A Fantastic Foursome

I know what you're thinking: isn't it about time we had another Fantastic Foursome? Okay, maybe you weren't thinking that but I was, and so here we go. It's difficult to hear "Georgia On My Mind" and not think of Ray Charles, but it has actually been performed by a lot of folks since Hoagy … Continue reading Ray’s Song Becomes A Fantastic Foursome

A Fantastic Foursome For Grandma

First, a word of explanation about the title. This is, of course, another one of those incredibly enjoyable Fantastic Foursome posts -- the kind that features a song in four different versions and then gives you a chance to vote for your favorite. The second part of the title refers to my maternal grandmother, who … Continue reading A Fantastic Foursome For Grandma

Ray Charles Crumbled The Cookies

As someone who has had more than a passing acquaintance with cookies -- the edible kind -- I have to admit that a trio with that name probably caught my attention back in the day. And even though it was for different reasons, the R&B girl group was apparently also noticed by the legendary Ray … Continue reading Ray Charles Crumbled The Cookies

The Captain Meets His Match

I've once again been digging through old photos, and I ran across a standard school picture of myself as a sixth-grader. Nothing unusual about that, but I couldn't help but notice the white band across my chest. I immediately recognized it as part of my Safety Patrol belt, which in turn released a flood of … Continue reading The Captain Meets His Match