Reintroducing Jazz Fans To Cy Touff

I have to smile when I think about how the GMC has evolved over its six years of existence. My main intent has always been to combine nostalgia and music in one way or another, and that's still pretty much the bottom line, but a few things have changed along the way. For one thing, … Continue reading Reintroducing Jazz Fans To Cy Touff

Grant Green’s Legacy Has Endured

For someone who's been called one of the least-appreciated jazz guitarists of the modern era, Grant Green left behind an amazing amount of material. But he did seem to fly below the radar for much of his career, which was often stalled by drug-related causes. In the years since he died in 1979 (at just … Continue reading Grant Green’s Legacy Has Endured

Travelin’ In Style

In the spirit of previous posts like Guys Will Be Guys and the memorable Olds Convertibles - Then And Now, today's entry in the slideshow sweepstakes features a look at something truly amazing -- or gauche, depending on your point of view. Once again the pictures were sent in by one of our regulars (thanks, … Continue reading Travelin’ In Style

Eddie Heywood Never Gave Up

Jazz pianist Eddie Heywood, whose long career continued almost up to his death in 1989, is probably most remembered now for originating the much-loved song, "Canadian Sunset." But Heywood's story encompasses so much more, including not only his early experiences in the big band era but also having to overcome bouts of paralysis in his … Continue reading Eddie Heywood Never Gave Up

The Perseverance Of Herbie Mann

I've always had a little bit of a soft spot for the flute. My daughter played one during her school years, and I've also always enjoyed the mix of classics and lighter music that James Galway has performed so well -- his collaborations with Mancini on movie themes and pop tunes are some of my … Continue reading The Perseverance Of Herbie Mann

Weekend Goofiness

Regular visitors to the GMC might have noticed that weekends are often a little goofy in terms of what shows up here. You might find slideshows of strange sculptures or unusual objects, odd little tales from my checkered past, or just pieces built on the thoughts that sometimes drift through my admittedly nebulous mind. It's … Continue reading Weekend Goofiness

Baritone Bopper Battled Bogeys

More than a decade after his death, Gerry Mulligan is still considered the greatest baritone saxophonist in the history of jazz. But before he rose to fame he was preceded by another talented instrumentalist, one who starred in the bop era but had his career slowed by drug addiction and cut short by a fatal … Continue reading Baritone Bopper Battled Bogeys

Remembering A Prodigy – Victor Feldman

Although his name might not be a familiar one to casual jazz fans, British musical prodigy Victor Feldman was a much-respected instrumentalist for many years. His career encompassed everything from playing drums for Glenn Miller (at age 10!) to heading up ground-breaking jazz groups of his own. Along the way he appeared alongside many of … Continue reading Remembering A Prodigy – Victor Feldman

Happy Un-Birthday To Louis Armstrong

During his lifetime, Louis Armstrong always said that he'd been born on July 4th, 1900. It became part of his legend and somehow always seemed appropriate for someone who was arguably the most important figure in the history of jazz, America's music. It wasn't until more than a decade after his 1971 death that his … Continue reading Happy Un-Birthday To Louis Armstrong

The Music Of The Rat Race

As a retiree, I guess I'm not as susceptible to the hazards of the dreaded rat race that so many people have to face on a daily basis. But I certainly recall a time when I did often feel like a rat racing through a maze, and I also remember a movie of the same … Continue reading The Music Of The Rat Race