Country Catalyst – Christmas Edition

We're way overdue for a new Country Catalyst, the Special Feature that offers a country music song to a wider audience, and I thought I'd combine it with something appropriate to the season. It's a song that might be familiar to you -- it's been around a long time -- but you might not have … Continue reading Country Catalyst – Christmas Edition

Fantastic Foursome – Shining In New England

Today's Fantastic Foursome song has several unusual qualities. For example, it's one of very few songs with lyrics that don't rhyme -- but each verse is a haiku. (Or so they say -- I'm no expert on the Japanese poetic form.) The lyrics also mention sycamore trees and meadowlarks, neither of which are commonly found … Continue reading Fantastic Foursome – Shining In New England

Fantastic Foursome – Brrrrr!! 

It would be hard to imagine a more appropriate song for today's Fantastic Foursome. With Winter weather doing its best to make us miserable, "Baby, It's Cold Outside" is not only very descriptive of current conditions, but might also serve to give us a much-needed chuckle or two. Written in 1944 by Frank Loesser, it … Continue reading Fantastic Foursome – Brrrrr!! 

Country Catalyst – Singing To The Walls

I always enjoy our 'special feature' posts -- you know, like Anatomy Of A Song and Fantastic Foursome -- because they're a change of pace from our usual stuff. Not that there's anything wrong with our regular posts, but I think it's good to have a breath of fresh air once in a while. With … Continue reading Country Catalyst – Singing To The Walls

Ray’s Song Becomes A Fantastic Foursome

I know what you're thinking: isn't it about time we had another Fantastic Foursome? Okay, maybe you weren't thinking that but I was, and so here we go. It's difficult to hear "Georgia On My Mind" and not think of Ray Charles, but it has actually been performed by a lot of folks since Hoagy … Continue reading Ray’s Song Becomes A Fantastic Foursome

The Perfect Song For Geezers

I thought it was about time for us to do another Fantastic Foursome -- four different versions of the same song, with an opportunity to vote for your favorite. This time around, the song of choice is a perfect one for geezers -- "Funny How Time Slips Away." Written by Willie Nelson more than fifty … Continue reading The Perfect Song For Geezers

The Little Car That Could

My recent misadventure on the highway got me to thinking about my history of auto ownership. My current vehicle is actually pretty dependable, and the recent mishap is probably attributable to the fact that it's getting some age on it -- not unlike its owner. As I think back over the many cars I've had … Continue reading The Little Car That Could

Music And The Highwayman

Sometimes it doesn't take much to entertain me. Lately I've found myself watching a TV reality series called Pawn Stars -- and for those who aren't familiar with the show let me just say that it's better than it sounds. It is truly amazing to see some of the odd objects that people bring in … Continue reading Music And The Highwayman