Fantastic Foursome Inspired By Amy Winehouse

I would guess that most folks of my generation think that a big percentage of modern music stars seem to be a big deal today but are forgotten tomorrow, often because of a lack of talent. But there are exceptions, even if it takes a while for a geezer like me to catch on -- … Continue reading Fantastic Foursome Inspired By Amy Winehouse

A Fantastic Foursome For Grandma

First, a word of explanation about the title. This is, of course, another one of those incredibly enjoyable Fantastic Foursome posts -- the kind that features a song in four different versions and then gives you a chance to vote for your favorite. The second part of the title refers to my maternal grandmother, who … Continue reading A Fantastic Foursome For Grandma

Happily Hurricaneless

As a lifelong resident of the Midwestern United States, my exposure to hurricanes is minimal. We have been known to get thunderstorms that can occur in fringe areas after hurricanes run their course, but for the most part we're not directly affected. I do have a Chicago friend who has a second home on the … Continue reading Happily Hurricaneless