Ray’s Song Becomes A Fantastic Foursome

I know what you’re thinking: isn’t it about time we had another Fantastic Foursome? Okay, maybe you weren’t thinking that but I was, and so here we go.hoagy

It’s difficult to hear “Georgia On My Mind” and not think of Ray Charles, but it has actually been performed by a lot of folks since Hoagy Carmichael wrote it way back in 1930 and led his own orchestra (and sang) on its first recording. Lyrics were by Stuart Gorrell and it’s said they were meant for Hoagy’s sister, Georgia. However, the wording of the song could also be interpreted as being about the state of Georgia, and it became the official state song in 1979.

Below the video are four good versions of the song (other than Ray’s). You can listen to each and then — if you’d like — pick your favorite in the poll.


Anita O’DayDjango Reinhardt (voc. F. Taylor)Ricky NelsonWillie Nelson


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