Ghost Bands Could Be Scary Good

Does anyone remember when some of the famous big bands would be taken over by a relatively unknown leader when the star retired or died? An example that comes to mind is when Glenn Miller was lost over the English Channel in 1944 and saxophonist/vocalist Tex Beneke took over. It was billed as Tex Beneke … Continue reading Ghost Bands Could Be Scary Good

Jukeboxes I Have Known

(Note: this is the last post I had ready to go before my hospital adventure. From now on I'll have to come up with some new ones, so wish me luck! BG) A good friend of mine, who has been gone for many years now, had a working vintage jukebox in his living room. But … Continue reading Jukeboxes I Have Known

Hal McIntyre Got A Boost From Glenn MIller

Glenn Miller was one of the biggest names around during the the big band era, and he remained an iconic figure even after his tragic death near the end of World War II. But he was also a good friend to many, as Hal McIntye could have attested. Miller not only encouraged his band-mate to … Continue reading Hal McIntyre Got A Boost From Glenn MIller

Syd Lawrence – Glenn Miller’s Biggest Fan?

Glenn Miller had a lot of fans in his heyday. Probably still does for that matter, even though he's been gone for a long time. But how many of those fans were so dedicated to his musical style that they'd end up leading their own band built around the Miller sound? That's what British trumpeter … Continue reading Syd Lawrence – Glenn Miller’s Biggest Fan?

Anatomy Of A Song – “At Last”

You would be hard-pressed to find a greater connection between a song and a performer than the one shared by the late Etta James and her classic "At Last." The song earned her a special Grammy Hall Of Fame award, and the feisty singer fiercely fought for her right to perform it even as her … Continue reading Anatomy Of A Song – “At Last”

Anatomy Of A Song – “Moonlight Serenade”

I've decided to formalize a type of post that has already shown up a number of times on the GMC, and by formalize I mean that I'm going to give it a name and add it to the 'categories' tab in the left column (like I did a while back for Fantastic Foursomes). It's the … Continue reading Anatomy Of A Song – “Moonlight Serenade”

Ralph Flanagan Echoed Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller has made several appearances on the GMC, and we've also featured Ray McKinley (In The Footsteps Of Glenn Miller), who took over Miller's reconstituted band in later years.  But there was another guy who sort of latched on to the Miller bandwagon; Ralph Flanagan, who led a band that was known for its … Continue reading Ralph Flanagan Echoed Glenn Miller

Remembering A Prodigy – Victor Feldman

Although his name might not be a familiar one to casual jazz fans, British musical prodigy Victor Feldman was a much-respected instrumentalist for many years. His career encompassed everything from playing drums for Glenn Miller (at age 10!) to heading up ground-breaking jazz groups of his own. Along the way he appeared alongside many of … Continue reading Remembering A Prodigy – Victor Feldman

Ben Pollack Was The Real Thing

I've written before about a couple of movies that told the Hollywood version of the lives of two stars from the big band era -- The Benny Goodman Story and The Glenn Miller Story (video below) -- but something occurred to me today. Each film included a number of real musicians from the era appearing … Continue reading Ben Pollack Was The Real Thing