Glenn Miller’s Favorite Singing Group

I have to admit that the title of this piece represents an assumption on my part, but I would guess it's probably accurate. Since the Modernaires played an important role in the band's success during Glenn Miller's biggest years, you'd have to draw that conclusion, even if he might have secretly coveted Tommy Dorsey's Pied … Continue reading Glenn Miller’s Favorite Singing Group

Chattanooga Has Inspired Classic Songs

I've always been a train buff, and since I'm also a fan of big-band music it stands to reason that one of my favorite songs of all time would be Glenn Miller's "Chattanooga Choo-Choo." I especially like the long version, which includes a 'jive' reprise. That performance, which features an 18 year-old Dorothy Dandridge and … Continue reading Chattanooga Has Inspired Classic Songs

Marching Along With Flare

I was once again going through some old pictures, and ran across one of myself lined up with the other members of my Boy Scout troop. (I'm the last one in the middle row.) It would date from the early 1950s, and I think we were arranged that way because we were practicing drilling, one … Continue reading Marching Along With Flare