Fantastic Foursome – Astaire Redux

Today's featured song on the GMC Special Feature known as Fantastic Foursome is another with a strong connection to Fred Astaire. For a guy who always comes to mind first and foremost as a dancer, he had quite an impact in many other ways during his long career. In this case, he not only introduced … Continue reading Fantastic Foursome – Astaire Redux

West Coast Jazz Pioneer Abe Lyman

The recent death of jazz icon Dave Brubeck was marked by a ton of articles (including one on the GMC) and many of them mentioned that he was part of the West Coast jazz movement. Although I think he transcended any kind of label, I thought I'd dig a little deeper into that style of … Continue reading West Coast Jazz Pioneer Abe Lyman

Fantastic Foursome Inspired By Amy Winehouse

I would guess that most folks of my generation think that a big percentage of modern music stars seem to be a big deal today but are forgotten tomorrow, often because of a lack of talent. But there are exceptions, even if it takes a while for a geezer like me to catch on -- … Continue reading Fantastic Foursome Inspired By Amy Winehouse