Anatomy Of A Song: Ritorna-Me

The title of this latest installment of Anatomy of a Song is a little misleading, because the song we're featuring is much better known by it's English title -- "Return to Me"-- but when Dean Martin introduced it in 1958 the Italian name was included in parentheses, so I figure that makes it pretty official. … Continue reading Anatomy Of A Song: Ritorna-Me

Five-Star Favs – It All Began In Mexico

First a word of explanation to newer visitors (and a reminder to regulars). The Special Feature known as Five Star Favs is the one that spotlights a song that falls into a very unique category -- it inhabits space in the top tier of my music collection, which means I have given it a five-star … Continue reading Five-Star Favs – It All Began In Mexico

Country Catalyst – Motor City Sorrow

Once again we present an edition of our special feature known as Country Catalyst. I think I've said before that Country Catalyst is sort of a a variation on our older special feature called Anatomy Of A Song, but one designed for a specific purpose -- presenting a song that I think might intrigue a … Continue reading Country Catalyst – Motor City Sorrow

Dick Stabile — Dino’s Go-To Guy

One of the things I enjoy about reading biographies of entertainment legends is learning about the less famous people whose lives revolved around the stars, like the guy I ran across in a book about Dean Martin. An accomplished saxophonist who'd gotten his start in the early big band era, Dick Stabile was the musical … Continue reading Dick Stabile — Dino’s Go-To Guy

Vegas – Nostalgia Done Well

I don't usually write about current TV shows but there is one that caught my interest when I first read about it, because its subject matter looked perfect for nostalgia-loving geezers -- the Las Vegas of fifty years ago. After watching a few episodes, I'm happy to report that it's very well done, with clever … Continue reading Vegas – Nostalgia Done Well

How I Turned Into A Grumpy Snow Hermit

As I write this, we're facing a weather forecast that calls for about a zillion inches of snow, and I find myself dreading it. Thinking about that feeling makes me realize that I've turned into a grumpy snow hermit -- someone who just wants to stay inside and hope it all goes away. But I … Continue reading How I Turned Into A Grumpy Snow Hermit

Roger Ebert’s Amazing Memory

I'm currently reading Roger Ebert's newest book, Life Itself: A Memoir, and in the midst of all my thoughts about how difficult it must be for him to cope with his physical problems (he can't eat, drink, or speak, and can barely walk) I quickly realized something else. His ability to recall names, events -- … Continue reading Roger Ebert’s Amazing Memory

Flying High – Domenico Modugno

For a while in the late Fifties, it was played on the radio almost continuously -- or maybe it just seemed that way. After all, a guy singing a melodic and strangely addictive song in Italian was something that certainly caught your attention. But whatever the reason, Domenico Modugno's rendition of "Nel Blu Dipinto Di … Continue reading Flying High – Domenico Modugno

A Different Kind Of Sculpture

A while back I posted something that had as its centerpiece an amazing sand sculpture, one that carried a powerful message -- or at least it seemed so to me. Today I though I'd do the same with a different kind of 'temporary' sculpture, one that is a little more appropriate to the season. As … Continue reading A Different Kind Of Sculpture