Five-Star Favs: It All Began On MTV

Yes folks, it's time for another edition of Five Star Favs, the GMC Special Feature that has a pretty simple premise: it spotlights one of my tip-top, all time favorites. And a few of those might surprise you. For example, my infatuation with today's featured song began about thirty years ago when I saw it … Continue reading Five-Star Favs: It All Began On MTV

Five-Star Favs – It All Began In Mexico

First a word of explanation to newer visitors (and a reminder to regulars). The Special Feature known as Five Star Favs is the one that spotlights a song that falls into a very unique category -- it inhabits space in the top tier of my music collection, which means I have given it a five-star … Continue reading Five-Star Favs – It All Began In Mexico

Five-Star Fav: Fresh Off The Boat

It's always a bit of a challenge to put together a new edition of the GMC Special Feature known as Five-Star Favs because it's meant to spotlight a particular song by a specific artist, one that is - you know - a favorite of mine. The difficulty is that it goes against my normal posting … Continue reading Five-Star Fav: Fresh Off The Boat

Five-Star Favs – It’s Disco Time!

You might be a little surprised to find that this edition of Five-Star Favs features a disco song, but I've always said that I like a lot of different kinds of music. And in fact, today's choice is one of the songs that helped create the disco craze back in the 1970s, but I don't … Continue reading Five-Star Favs – It’s Disco Time!

Five-Star Favs: A Mysterious Tale

Our newest Special Feature -- Five-Star Favs -- is only up to the third edition but it's already showing some diversity. After spotlighting classic rock in the first one and jazz in the second, today we're taking a look at a song from 1967 that isn't easy to classify. At first glance, "Ode To Billie … Continue reading Five-Star Favs: A Mysterious Tale

Five-Star Fav: Turning To The Cool Side

Since the debut edition of Five-Star Favs offered up classic rock, I thought I'd change gears this time around and present one of my top favorites from the world of cool jazz. After all, one of the guiding principles of the GMC has always been proving that geezers like all kinds of music. (Well, most … Continue reading Five-Star Fav: Turning To The Cool Side

Five-Star Favs – A New Special Feature

Welcome to the first edition of a new GMC Special Feature that I'm calling Five-Star Favs. Here's the scoop: like many of the folks who have a lot of music on their computer, I use the 'rating' capability of my media player (MusicBee - highly recommended) to assign each song a value of one to … Continue reading Five-Star Favs – A New Special Feature