Anatomy Of A Song: Ritorna-Me

The title of this latest installment of Anatomy of a Song is a little misleading, because the song we’re featuring is much better known by it’s English title — “Return to Me”– but when Dean Martin introduced it in 1958 the Italian name was included in parentheses, so I figure that makes it pretty official. Or at least it does for me.dino2

Ol’ Dino was at the height of his croonerdom in the late Fifties, and this song was a natural for him. It was written by Carmen Lombardo and Danny Di Minno, and the record was issued during the transitional era so was offered in both a 78 RPM version and a 45 RPM one too. On the reverse side was a forgettable song, ironically titled “Forgetting You”.

“Return To Me” was a big hit for Martin, not only in the US but internationally too. And of course, like many popular songs, it was covered by a wide variety of other artists, among them Connie Francis, Jerry Vale, Tony Bennett, and country crooner Marty Robbins.

retAnd finally, the song was prominently featured in a 2000 movie with the same name. Return To Me was an underappreciated film that had a far-fetched plot but the writing and acting performances were first class. And of course the music was good too. If you get a chance, try it!

3 thoughts on “Anatomy Of A Song: Ritorna-Me

  1. Another real favorite of mine. In my later years I have come to listen to Marty’s version more than Dean’s.

    And as for the movie, “Return to Me”, what a great little movie. Watched it by chance the first time I ever saw it and have watched it several times since. It’s got a 5-Star rating in my book. Oh yes, it should be noted that this was also Carol O’Conner’s last movie before passing away the following year. 😦


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