How I Turned Into A Grumpy Snow Hermit

As I write this, we’re facing a weather forecast that calls for about a zillion inches of snow, and I find myself dreading it. Thinking about that feeling makes me realize that I’ve turned into a grumpy snow hermit — someone who just wants to stay inside and hope it all goes away. But I wasn’t always that way.Snowflake-icon

We can all look back on a childhood of having fun with snow, hoping for a blizzard to close school and then playing with sleds and building snowmen (or having snowball fights). But I can also remember enjoying snow even as an adult. When I was young and strong I wasn’t particularly bothered by the prospect of dealing with snow, whether that entailed shoveling it or driving in it. And I always enjoyed just watching a heavy snow falling, covering the ground in a thick and silent blanket.

But during all those years it never occurred to me that geezerhood would change my feelings so much. I knew that it would be a bad idea to shovel snow as I grew older — everybody knows that — but there’s also the added expense of hiring someone to do it. And I don’t want to even step outside because it’s difficult for me to walk in it — hell, I totter when I’m  on dry ground. But what makes me most nervous is the way the power lines in our area seem to come crashing down every time there’s a big snow. A geezer without electricity is a desperate critter — he might even be forced to venture out of his cave.

dmcdDean Martin – “Let It Snow!”

2 thoughts on “How I Turned Into A Grumpy Snow Hermit

  1. Ah, where I live we’re talking about temperatures in what your obsolete Fahrenheit scale would be the mid 90s. We’ve already had several days over 100. It was ever thus. On Christmas day we’d get up early (well, didn’t all kids?) so we could play with our toys outside before it became too hot to do so. It’s still the same. Now though, it’s gin and tonic (with masses of ice) and chilled chardonnays and rieslings.


  2. I always forget about that — you guys ‘down under’ are in the middle of Summer right now. I’ll put some of this snow and ice into a parcel and send it to you for your drink.


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