The Multi-Talented Melba Montgomery

Like many country music stars, Melba Montgomery -- who recently turned 78 and is still active -- can look back on a career that was remarkably diversified. She's a talented songwriter who has also found a lot of success as a singer, not only as a part of several different duos but also as a … Continue reading The Multi-Talented Melba Montgomery

Anatomy Of A Song – A George Jones Classic

Most of us probably know by now that country music superstar George Jones has died at age 81. You can find any number of long and detail-rich articles about him (here's a good one), but I thought we'd take a little different approach here on the GMC, by linking him to one of our regular … Continue reading Anatomy Of A Song – A George Jones Classic

The Perfect Song For Geezers

I thought it was about time for us to do another Fantastic Foursome -- four different versions of the same song, with an opportunity to vote for your favorite. This time around, the song of choice is a perfect one for geezers -- "Funny How Time Slips Away." Written by Willie Nelson more than fifty … Continue reading The Perfect Song For Geezers

Being Out Of Control

It's become a standard joke, but I have to admit that I - like most men - enjoy playing with the TV remote control, and I was doing just that today when I got to thinking about something that I hadn't really considered before. Modern remote controls do just about everything, but their core function … Continue reading Being Out Of Control