The Wonderful Goober Pea

Most folks from middle America - especially southerners - know what a goober pea is, but for the benefit of the city-slickers I probably should elucidate. The humble goober pea is also variously known as a groundnut, pindar, monkey nut, and. . .peanut. This isn't the first time peanuts have appeared on the GMC in … Continue reading The Wonderful Goober Pea

Country Catalyst – Aching To Sing

It's been over a month since our last Country Catalyst so I thought it was high time we had another. I'll remind everybody that a Country Catalyst is a post that features a classic country song that I hope will attract some appreciation from folks who have normally NOT been fans of the genre. Today's … Continue reading Country Catalyst – Aching To Sing

In Appreciation Of The Musical Fruit

I was reading the local newspaper today and noticed that a small nearby town is again holding its annual Bean Dinner, a special festival that has taken place for well over a century. Although my family never lived in that particular town while I was growing up, I can remember that we often made the … Continue reading In Appreciation Of The Musical Fruit

Johnny Cash’s Surprising OOPS

Although he died in 2003, Johnny Cash is still a favorite for those of us who have always enjoyed his music while also finding his erratic path through life a little fascinating. But even though Cash was known to have gone through a few rough patches along the way, his fans might be surprised to … Continue reading Johnny Cash’s Surprising OOPS

Louisiana Quagmire Continues

Although I'm not any kind of environmental expert, and in fact have been known to chuckle at the occasional misguided efforts from activists, it's difficult to ignore what's currently going on in the Gulf of Mexico. The oil spill is continuing to encroach on more and more of the Louisiana coastline, and a solution to … Continue reading Louisiana Quagmire Continues

Tea Party Reminiscent Of Johnny Cash

Recently I've been reading a lot of news stories about the Tea Party movement, and it made me think about the late Johnny Cash. That statement might sound like a head-scratcher, but before you jump to any conclusions, let me offer a quick explanation. There's a lot of information out there about the Tea Party … Continue reading Tea Party Reminiscent Of Johnny Cash

Music And The Highwayman

Sometimes it doesn't take much to entertain me. Lately I've found myself watching a TV reality series called Pawn Stars -- and for those who aren't familiar with the show let me just say that it's better than it sounds. It is truly amazing to see some of the odd objects that people bring in … Continue reading Music And The Highwayman

Carl Smith – Anything But Ordinary

Even though his career stretches back for over half a century, Carl Smith is probably not one of the most remembered singing stars from country music's honky-tonk era -- but his ordinary-sounding name might be part of the problem. After all, a moniker like Faron Young or Ferlin Husky tends to be a little more … Continue reading Carl Smith – Anything But Ordinary

A Porcine Song With A Message

We can all understand the importance of self-reliance, but how we express the need to take care of ourselves can sometimes be a little baffling to those unfamiliar with a particular idiom. A good example is an expression that's been around for many generations, one that has become so firmly entrenched that it has even … Continue reading A Porcine Song With A Message

One Piece At A Time – Johnny Cash

The endless news stories about the sour economy and the many problems in the auto industry got me to thinking about an old song I've always liked. Written by Wayne Kemp and recorded by Johnny Cash, it hit number one on country charts in 1976 and crossed over to make a good showing on pop … Continue reading One Piece At A Time – Johnny Cash