Country Catalyst – A Very Special Steed

Regular visitors to the GMC might remember that Country Catalyst is a Special Feature that presents classic songs in an attempt to bring new fans into country music. Today's candidate is about an unforgettable horse, and it was written by legendary troubadour Jimmie Driftwood, who also wrote a song that was the subject of a … Continue reading Country Catalyst – A Very Special Steed

Anatomy Of A Song – A Cowboy’s Request

It might be hard to believe that a Cole Porter song sat virtually unused for its first decade of life, but that's pretty much what happened to the tune we're featuring today. In fact, that might be one of the reasons why Porter said it was his least favorite composition. But "Don't Fence Me In" … Continue reading Anatomy Of A Song – A Cowboy’s Request

Dale Evans – Before She Was The Queen

Most of us remember Dale Evans, the long-time wife and performing partner of singing cowboy Roy Rogers, a lady who was often billed as the Queen of the Cowgirls. We might also know that she was an actress and a singer long before she paired up with Roy. But did you know that Roy was … Continue reading Dale Evans – Before She Was The Queen

Laughing At The Cowhand

My Swiss cheese memory occasionally surprises me by turning up a useless little nugget of info amidst all those empty holes. A good example would be what happened today when I ran across an old song, "I'm an Old Cowhand (From the Rio Grande)." It was written by Johnny Mercer for a 1936 Bing Crosby … Continue reading Laughing At The Cowhand

Gabor Szabo – Connecting Hungary To Hollywood

As strange as it might sound, I apparently have something in common with a celebrated Hungarian guitarist who died almost 30 years ago. Gabor Szabo, who made a pretty big splash for a couple of decades starting in the Sixties, was inspired as a child by watching American cowboy movies starring Roy Rogers -- who … Continue reading Gabor Szabo – Connecting Hungary To Hollywood

Singing Partners – Clint And Roy

In the four years I've been doing this blogging thing, I've mentioned Roy Rogers several times. I've written about how Roy was my favorite cowboy star, in a piece I called Saturday Matinees With The King Of The Cowboys, and as recently as last week I related how Western Swing star Spade Cooley imagined that … Continue reading Singing Partners – Clint And Roy