Singing Partners – Clint And Roy

In the four years I’ve been doing this blogging thing, I’ve mentioned Roy Rogers several times. I’ve written about how Roy was my favorite cowboy star, in a piece I called Saturday Matinees With The King Of The Cowboys, and as recently as last week I related how Western Swing star Spade Cooley imagined that his wife was fooling around with the his friend Roy. (As if my boyhood hero would do such a thing, or that Dale Evans would allow it — or Trigger either, for that matter.)

One of the ironic things about Roy’s friendship with Spade was that the two looked a little alike, and today I though I’d focus on Roy’s brief partnership with another guy who most people think looks a little like him too.

As was the case with Spade, it’s probably mostly the eye-squint that makes people think that Clint Black reminds them of Roy, who died in 1998. But whatever the case, Clint respected and admired Roy and even recorded a duet with him in 1991.

Roy Rogers & Clint Black – “Hold On Partner”

And below is a video of Roy and Clint singing the same song as a salute to cowboy stars — watch it to the end and you’ll see a funny surprise.

(Sorry — video has apparently disappeared from source.)


5 thoughts on “Singing Partners – Clint And Roy

  1. I just loved this one. Roy Rogers was my v ery favorite and of course Dale but that singing fellow was so good on a horse. I was in awe. Then Fred and Ginger entered my life and I studied dancing until I was 27. But always had a horse. I got to meet Roy at the Victorville museum. I was astounded how small he was cause in my eyes he was an easy 6’7.


  2. Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, Roy was small…but he wasn’t the only one. Many movie leading men were tiny. I guess there’s something to be said for star power and charisma, because most fans just never noticed.


    1. Alan Ladd was one of my favourites to watch, in the UK channel BBC2 would put on films on a Saturday afternoon, i always thought of him as my tall hero


  3. Loved the video. Never been a huge Clint Black fan but now I am. Any friend of Roy’s, well….you know.

    Some great memories from those Saturday afternoon matinee ‘shoot-um’-ups’ in that video also!! 🙂


  4. I thought it was also a nice touch that the phony horse Roy’s riding in the video is sort of palomino-looking…like Trigger. They always said Roy had Trigger stuffed and mounted, but I don’t think that was actually him. 😉


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