Smokey Is A Geezer

Smokey the Bear, the US Forest Service's lovable mascot, just turned 75. That might not surprise you because it's received a lot of publicity, but did you know Sam Elliott, the gravel-voiced actor who has been Smokey's voice for many years, also turned 75. . . .on the same day? Of course Elliott wasn't the … Continue reading Smokey Is A Geezer

Country Catalyst – A Very Special Steed

Regular visitors to the GMC might remember that Country Catalyst is a Special Feature that presents classic songs in an attempt to bring new fans into country music. Today's candidate is about an unforgettable horse, and it was written by legendary troubadour Jimmie Driftwood, who also wrote a song that was the subject of a … Continue reading Country Catalyst – A Very Special Steed

Anatomy Of A Song – “Any Time”

I ran across this song a while back, and when I heard it I was once again transported back to my childhood, because I'm sure that we had a record of it around the house. My only dilemma is that both popular versions seem very familiar to me. When Herbert 'Happy' Lawson wrote the song … Continue reading Anatomy Of A Song – “Any Time”