Country Catalyst – A Very Special Steed

Regular visitors to the GMC might remember that Country Catalyst is a Special Feature that presents classic songs in an attempt to bring new fans into country music. Today’s candidate is about an unforgettable horse, and it was written by legendary troubadour Jimmie Driftwood, who also wrote a song that was the subject of a previous Country Catalyst. (Curious? Click HERE to see it.) palo

As it turns out, “Tennessee Stud” is not as old as you might think, even though it seems to date from the early frontier days. After all, it opens with, ‘Along about 1825. . .’, but the song was actually written back in the 1950s, when Driftwood was inspired by a horse owned by his wife’s grandfather, a Baptist minister who’d fought in the Civil War.

As was often the case with Driftwood’s songs, it ended up becoming a bigger hit for other performers. Country crooner Eddy Arnold had the most popular version in the early days, but it was recorded by a number of artists, including everyone from Roy Rogers to Doc Watson. (You can see him in the video below.) In subsequent years the song has made its way into just about every country singer’s songbook.

eacdEddy Arnold – “Tennessee Stud”

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