Didgeridoo – Déjà Vu?

In addition to being a very nifty tongue-twister, the title of this piece has to be just about the strangest ever seen here on the ol' GMC. Still, it does make sense -- I think. Let me elaborate. I've always been fascinated by the didgeridoo (occasionally spelled didjeridoo), the strange musical instrument most often associated … Continue reading Didgeridoo – Déjà Vu?

About That Lead In Your Pencil

As we begin the new year, I hope everyone who needs it has lead in their pencil. And you can choose to see that as a euphemism or not -- your choice -- but the subject of the post is real lead pencils. Of course, modern pencils use graphite -- not lead -- but for … Continue reading About That Lead In Your Pencil

Black And Blue Friday

Is it just my imagination, or is there a lot more attention being paid to 'Black Friday' this year? I know it's been a big deal for quite some time now, but in recent years it has even expanded into 'Black Friday Weekend' and then "Black Friday Week', although I haven't seen any ads for … Continue reading Black And Blue Friday

Your Eyes Can Deceive You

I would have to say that this is the most unusual post I've ever published here. And I also have to admit that it has very little to do with music, but I've been wanting to post this thingy for quite a while now because it fascinates me. It showed up in my email a … Continue reading Your Eyes Can Deceive You

The REAL Eddy Duchin Story

Although his orchestra was enormously popular in its day, Eddy Duchin would probably not be a recognizable name to most current music fans except for one thing. A few years after his death, Hollywood star Tyrone Power portrayed him in The Eddy Duchin Story, a very colorful tale of his life that even today occasionally … Continue reading The REAL Eddy Duchin Story

Guys Will Be Guys

The pictures below are some of those that have been making the rounds lately under the heading Men Who Lack Adult Supervision, and I thought I'd pass them along. (Thanks to both K and M, and anyone else I might have missed.) A few of the photos take a little study to catch the finer … Continue reading Guys Will Be Guys

Dave Pell – The Real Thing

I've mentioned before that I sometimes regret dumping all my old vinyl LPs in favor of CDs (most recently in Bye-Bye To Brubeck Bossa Nova). Another of those missing albums came to mind today. It was an odd-looking one -- transparent gold instead of black -- recorded by a bandleader that I assumed at the … Continue reading Dave Pell – The Real Thing

Everything’s Better With Butter

Remember when TV commercials for margarine always compared the product's taste to 'the high-priced spread'? I always wondered why they couldn't just call it 'butter', which I would assume is a generic name that wouldn't have had any trademark protection. Maybe by not using the word they allowed for some wiggle room, just in case … Continue reading Everything’s Better With Butter

Bye-Bye To Brubeck Bossa Nova

More than once, I've mentioned my long-standing appreciation for Latin jazz. I've also made no secret about being a fan of Dave Brubeck since the days when he brought jazz to the mainstream music world with his group's seminal 1961 recording of "Take Five." And in a different piece, I touched on how his group's … Continue reading Bye-Bye To Brubeck Bossa Nova

The Mission Of Lalo Schifrin

Soundtrack music is something that most of us take for granted, but it's vital to the mood and pacing of a film. It also has to do its job while not distracting from the action on the screen, even though in some cases the music might be better than what you're watching. It's not surprising … Continue reading The Mission Of Lalo Schifrin