Mystery Sculptures

Once in a while, as a change of pace, I like to include one of those slideshow gizmos. Many of the shows I've featured in the past have consisted of pictures of sculptures that have been created by artists with some unusual ideas for materials. Just off the top of my head, I can remember … Continue reading Mystery Sculptures

Lester Young – AKA Prez

The ol' GMC is five years old, and anyone who has spent some time here has probably noticed that I enjoy shining a spotlight on some of the less-remembered musical stars of the past. Of course, I've devoted plenty of space to the big names too, but I especially like to dig into artists who … Continue reading Lester Young – AKA Prez

Toots Thielemans Still Dazzling Fans

Jean-Baptiste Frédéric Isidor, Baron Thielemans (29 April 1922 – 22 August 2016) Although I've written about a lot of musical stars on the ol' GMC, I've always had a special fondness for those who have had long, successful careers and are still doing their thing and doing it well, even at an advanced age. One … Continue reading Toots Thielemans Still Dazzling Fans

Crop Circles Were Just The Beginning

About a year ago I put up a brief post that featured a picture of a decorative crop circle, but I thought I'd revisit the subject today for a couple of reasons. For one thing I now have the slideshow gizmo at my disposal, which allows me to show a whole series of pictures instead … Continue reading Crop Circles Were Just The Beginning

Charlie Christian – An Inspiration To Generations Of Guitarists

Django Reinhardt might be the patron saint of all jazz guitarists, but for many of those who built careers on playing electric guitars, Charlie Christian was the inspiration. And even though he had a very short career and has been gone for nearly 70 years, he is still revered by many. The Texas-born (but Oklahoma-raised) … Continue reading Charlie Christian – An Inspiration To Generations Of Guitarists

Jess Stacy’s Unforgettable Moment

In a recent piece about early jazz singer Lee Wiley I mentioned that she'd had a short and troubled marriage to pianist/bandleader Jess Stacy, but his career makes for an interesting story too. He was a very respected veteran of the big band era who first rose to fame with Benny Goodman and played alongside … Continue reading Jess Stacy’s Unforgettable Moment

A Good Night’s Sleep

Before I became a geezer myself, it always seemed to me that older people incessantly complained about their inability to get a good night's sleep. In fact, I remember a former father-in-law of mine who insisted that he never slept, period. As I approached my golden years I was sort of expecting that I might … Continue reading A Good Night’s Sleep

The Sweet Sound Of Johnny Hodges

Although I don't think of myself as a serious music critic, during the first few years of this blog I did review over two hundred new albums. During that period I learned that what I liked was not always in tune with the cutting-edge crowd, especially when it came to jazz. While many modern critics … Continue reading The Sweet Sound Of Johnny Hodges

Joe Morello – Violin Prodigy Became A Jazz Drumming Star

I was sorry to see of the recent passing of jazz drummer Joe Morello, who is probably most remembered for the years he spent as part of the enormously influential Dave Brubeck Quartet. Although saxophonist Paul Desmond and Brubeck himself got most of the attention, Morello -- along with bassist Eugene Wright -- helped create … Continue reading Joe Morello – Violin Prodigy Became A Jazz Drumming Star

Lionel Hampton And Illinois Jacquet Shared Signature Song

Signature songs are a long-time tradition in the world of music. Almost every musician or group that has ever managed to attain a measure of fame can point to one special song that became their best known and most loved by fans. But in at least one instance, a song became the signature for two … Continue reading Lionel Hampton And Illinois Jacquet Shared Signature Song