Weekend Goofiness

Regular visitors to the GMC might have noticed that weekends are often a little goofy in terms of what shows up here. You might find slideshows of strange sculptures or unusual objects, odd little tales from my checkered past, or just pieces built on the thoughts that sometimes drift through my admittedly nebulous mind.

It’s the latter category that takes preference today, and it all started when I was relaxing with a book. I like to have music playing while I read, and have several sources available to provide it. In this case, I had one of the digital music channels on cable TV providing background, specifically the Easy Listening choice.

I wasn’t paying close attention to the music — after all, that’s the idea of it being in the background — but I was startled to suddenly hear sounds that reminded me of a cat whose tail was caught under a rocking chair. Turns out that it was in the music, a piece by Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass.

So help me out here. Listen to the song and then vote in the poll.

Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass – “Ladyfingers” (sample)


4 thoughts on “Weekend Goofiness

  1. What was Herb thinking, I wonder, when he decided to use that effect… so many other choices. It is rather comical and I’m sure it would catch my attention when chillin’ too.


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