Anatomy Of A Song: Pound Those Keys!

I was thinking of using this song for the Saluting Silly Songs feature, but even though at first blush it seems a likely candidate, I'd rather think of it as something slightly more serious than that. So we'll go with Silly Songs' older brother in the Special Features category, Anatomy of a Song. I've written … Continue reading Anatomy Of A Song: Pound Those Keys!

Being Out Of Control

It's become a standard joke, but I have to admit that I - like most men - enjoy playing with the TV remote control, and I was doing just that today when I got to thinking about something that I hadn't really considered before. Modern remote controls do just about everything, but their core function … Continue reading Being Out Of Control

Groundhog Day And Dad’s Polkas

This time of year it's impossible to miss all the news stories about Groundhog Day, speculating about whether Punxsutawney Phil (the resident rodent) will see his shadow and what comes next. Most also mention the 1993 Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day, but when I see anything that spotlights one of the most memorable songs on … Continue reading Groundhog Day And Dad’s Polkas