How Much Realism Do We Want?

Anyone who stops by the GMC from time to time has probably caught on to my fondness for Westerns, something that began in my childhood. I can remember being a fan of several different movie cowboys, and of course later continuing to follow some of them to TV. But the early film and TV stars … Continue reading How Much Realism Do We Want?

Being Out Of Control

It's become a standard joke, but I have to admit that I - like most men - enjoy playing with the TV remote control, and I was doing just that today when I got to thinking about something that I hadn't really considered before. Modern remote controls do just about everything, but their core function … Continue reading Being Out Of Control

Steve Allen – Modern Renaissance Man

'Multi-talented' is a term I've casually used when writing about various performers, but I can't imagine anyone better suited to the description than Steve Allen. He authored dozens of books, composed thousands of songs, was an accomplished musical performer -- and along the way became a TV pioneer, the forerunner to Carson, Leno, and Letterman. … Continue reading Steve Allen – Modern Renaissance Man