Five-Star Fav: Turning To The Cool Side

Since the debut edition of Five-Star Favs offered up classic rock, I thought I'd change gears this time around and present one of my top favorites from the world of cool jazz. After all, one of the guiding principles of the GMC has always been proving that geezers like all kinds of music. (Well, most … Continue reading Five-Star Fav: Turning To The Cool Side

It’s Goofy Sculpture Time Again

Every so often I get into a goofy mood and put up one of our strange sculpture slideshows. (Try saying that quickly three times.) Below are some more examples I've collected, and they might give GMC visitors a chuckle -- or at least make them scratch their heads and wonder if I've finally lost it. … Continue reading It’s Goofy Sculpture Time Again

Halloween Weekend Brings Out Spooks And Goblins

Regular visitors to the GMC know that slideshows often show up on weekends, and I can't think of anything more appropriate for Halloween weekend than pictures of Jack-O-Lanterns. And to make it extra special, most of them are definitely goblin-like. I can remember attempting to carve pumpkins for my kids when they were small (the … Continue reading Halloween Weekend Brings Out Spooks And Goblins

Turns Out Mr. Lucky . . . Wasn’t

During my teen years, I was a little unfocused about my musical tastes. Actually I was unfocused about most everything in those days, but we're talking about music here and one thing I do remember is how much I liked the Henry Mancini brand of jazz on the TV's Peter Gunn. The music from that … Continue reading Turns Out Mr. Lucky . . . Wasn’t

Not Much Goin’ On

You ever have one of those days when you just feel too lazy to do much of anything? The slows have definitely hit me today, so music that connects to my mood seems to be inevitable. I'm thinking lush instrumental, something that just allows a person to kick back and relax. Perfect conditions for the … Continue reading Not Much Goin’ On