Der Bingle — Reinventing The Art Of Crooning

Regular readers know that I've offered up a number of pieces about crooners, and will also recall that I've written about Bing Crosby more than once. In fact, just a week or so back I featured him in a post called Laughing At The Cowhand, and another -- Bing Crosby Gets a Mulligan -- is … Continue reading Der Bingle — Reinventing The Art Of Crooning

Laughing At The Cowhand

My Swiss cheese memory occasionally surprises me by turning up a useless little nugget of info amidst all those empty holes. A good example would be what happened today when I ran across an old song, "I'm an Old Cowhand (From the Rio Grande)." It was written by Johnny Mercer for a 1936 Bing Crosby … Continue reading Laughing At The Cowhand

Nostalgia Strikes Again

Although the usual subject matter of the Geezer Music Club is pretty obviously described in its name, we're also all about nostalgia. That being the case, I thought maybe today we'd take a look at some vintage pictures -- specifically, a collection of some of history's strangest inventions. They're just a few examples of those … Continue reading Nostalgia Strikes Again

Bob — The Other Crosby

Something that has always fascinated me is how often two or more members of the same family find musical fame, even if in varying degrees. I suppose it's not that unusual for offspring, siblings, cousins, and the like to gravitate to the field that has provided success for others in the family, whether it's music, … Continue reading Bob — The Other Crosby