Jack Jones – Son To The Father

If you read my stuff with any regularity, you had to know this one was coming. After all, it was just last week that I generated a piece called Alan Jones – Father To The Son, and I even mentioned the possibility, so no surprise here. But that doesn’t mean Jack’s story is any less interesting than his father’s — and in some ways, it’s better.

John Allan “Jack” Jones was born in Hollywood, a less than surprising beginning for the son of movie stars. (His mother was actress Irene Hervey.) Young Jack grew up in a musical environment and as a young man he even performed in clubs with his father, but he was determined to forge a career for himself.

After spending a few years working his way up on the club circuit, Jack was able to secure a recording contract. By now the musically-diverse decade of the Sixties had arrived, and the young singer hit pay dirt with his first successful record, “Lollypops and Roses.” Although it didn’t reach Top-Ten status, his performance of the song won Jack a Grammy, along with a lot of new fans.

The Sixties were good to Jack, although he did lose some time to fulfill his military obligation. In 1963 he won his second Grammy with “Wives and Lovers,” which charted much higher than his previous winner though still not into Top-Ten territory. However, “Dear Heart” did break into that rarefied air, and eventually “The Race Is On” became his first Number-One.

He continued to sell records throughout the decade, again hitting the top of the charts with “Impossible Dream” and “Lady,” and along the way became one of the most popular stars around. He also expanded his career by appearing in many movies and TV shows — not only as a singer but even as an actor. Eventually he would fill both roles on the Love Boat, not only recording the theme song but also making a memorable appearance with his father.

During his years in the public eye, Jack has in many ways been a typical star — complete with numerous marriages, including a famous one to Jill St. John — but he’s always been the consummate entertainer. Considered a ‘singer’s singer’ by contemporaries like Frank Sinatra, he’s always been a fan favorite, and is still busy doing what he loves — performing.

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