REVIEW: Karrin Allyson – By Request

Receiving a new album to review from an artist I've reviewed before -- and liked a lot -- is sort of like running into an old friend. I'm happy to see someone I've enjoyed spending time with in the past, and at the same time I'm wondering what they've been up to lately. Karrin Allyson, … Continue reading REVIEW: Karrin Allyson – By Request

REVIEW: Kevin Hays Trio – You’ve Got A Friend

When you consider all the permutations that are possible with jazz combos -- not only with the number of musicians but also the instruments they play -- you might occasionally find yourself craving something simple and basic. One of the purest choices would have to be a trio consisting of piano, bass and drums. Having … Continue reading REVIEW: Kevin Hays Trio – You’ve Got A Friend

REVIEW: Kyle Eastwood – Metropolitain

Let's get the obvious question out of the way first. Yes, Kyle Eastwood is Clint's son. And yes, he's the same kid who showed up with his Dad in 1982's Honkytonk Man, one of several of the elder Eastwood's movies that have connections with music. Clint's love of all things musical is pretty well documented, … Continue reading REVIEW: Kyle Eastwood – Metropolitain

REVIEW: Frank Wess Nonet – Once Is Not Enough

If you're into all things jazz, you might have read the recent announcement about the winners of this year's Jazz Journalists Association awards, and you might even have noticed that the title of Flutist of the Year was given to Frank Wess. It's just the latest of the many honors the talented instrumentalist has received … Continue reading REVIEW: Frank Wess Nonet – Once Is Not Enough

REVIEW: Gary Burton Quartet – Quartet Live

Throughout his long career, vibes master Gary Burton has been one of the most respected jazz performers around. But even though he's performed alongside many of the greats (and won six Grammys along the way), one of his best spots has always been as the heart and soul of the groups he's led. Those groups … Continue reading REVIEW: Gary Burton Quartet – Quartet Live

REVIEW: Carl Allen & Rodney Whitaker – Work To Do

Whether we realize it or not, I'm convinced that those of us who review new albums are subject to the same kinds of influences that affect any music fan (which we also are, of course). You might even call it an mental checklist, albeit an unconscious one in most cases. That being said, it's nice … Continue reading REVIEW: Carl Allen & Rodney Whitaker – Work To Do

REVIEW: Bill Wimmer – Project Omaha

It's always a kick to discover a musician who has flown a little below the radar, although in all fairness to artists everywhere I should admit that my particular radar unit is not always reliable. In fact, I would have been right at home as part of the crew watching over Pearl Harbor. But putting … Continue reading REVIEW: Bill Wimmer – Project Omaha

REVIEW: Hilary Kole – Haunted Heart

The first thing that comes to mind when listening to Hilary Kole's solo debut, Haunted Heart, now out on the Justin Time label, is amazement that it's a debut album. Her crystal-clear voice and perfect timing, combined with some solid backing from a group that includes guitarist (and producer) John Pizzarelli, provide a polished and … Continue reading REVIEW: Hilary Kole – Haunted Heart

REVIEW: Tango Duo – Pasión por la Vida

Over a long and illustrious career that has included everything from bebop to the classics (not that there aren't some bebop classics, but you know what I mean), respected pianist Roger Davidson has again and again returned to Latin music. That passion is reflected in the title of his newest album on the Soundbrush label, … Continue reading REVIEW: Tango Duo – Pasión por la Vida