The Lost Memorial Day Picnic

All holidays are evocative of the past - it sort of goes with the territory - but each has it's own set of memories, and memories are what Memorial Day is all about, beginning with it's very name. Of course it was originally called Decoration Day, but that's kind of beside the point. It was … Continue reading The Lost Memorial Day Picnic

Battling The Heat Of Memorial Day Weekend

As I write this, weathermen are predicting daytime temperatures in our part of the Midwestern US to hit the high nineties and maybe even triple digits. Unseasonably warm, but the weather seems to be much more unpredictable than it once was. In any case, I wanted to show some pictures of 'cool' snow sculptures to … Continue reading Battling The Heat Of Memorial Day Weekend

Taking Another Look At The Holiday

I'm still a little behind from the power outage, so thought I'd repost a Memorial Day piece from a few years back. (I've reactivated the music file, too.) -------------------- The Perfect Song For The Holiday Weekend When I think about Memorial Day weekend, all the usual things related to the holiday come to mind -- … Continue reading Taking Another Look At The Holiday

Memories Of Memorial Day

Memorial Day can hold different meanings for all of us, but most of our thoughts obviously have something to do with memories. The holiday itself was originally called Decoration Day and was intended to honor military casualties, but has gradually become a day to honor all those who have passed on. Although those types of … Continue reading Memories Of Memorial Day