The Redemption Of Johnny Carroll 

One of the most unappreciated rockabilly artists of the 1950s was Johnny Carroll, a talented and magnetic performer who was in many ways reminiscent of his friend, the much more successful Gene Vincent. In fact, Carroll's surge of popularity later in his career was partly due to his appreciation for Vincent's music, along with his … Continue reading The Redemption Of Johnny Carroll 

Everly Brothers Helped With Bob Luman’s Big Decision

One of the many rockabilly stars who later embraced country music, Bob Luman had a solid career that included several Top Ten records, including his biggest hits, "Let's Think About Living" and "Lonely Women Make Good Lovers." But he almost left music behind for another career -- as a professional baseball player -- before the Everly … Continue reading Everly Brothers Helped With Bob Luman’s Big Decision

Billy Lee Riley – True To His Roots

Regular visitors to the GMC know that we like to occasionally turn the spotlight on one of the lesser-known rockabilly singers from the early days of rock and roll. Guys who might not have reached the level of stardom enjoyed by the likes of Elvis or Jerry Lee Lewis but still managed to make their … Continue reading Billy Lee Riley – True To His Roots

Ral Donner Was Caught In The Elvis Trap

Given the longevity of the GMC, I guess it's inevitable that we would have featured multiple variations of Elvis. By that I don't mean Mr. Presley himself -- although he has made plenty of appearances here -- but rather various other versions of the King. Among those already covered are several entertainers who were often … Continue reading Ral Donner Was Caught In The Elvis Trap

Martha Carson Influenced The King

Elvis Presley always said that one of his strongest influences was a certain lady who specialized in gospel music (which he loved), and the King sometimes even joined her in duets in the early years. In fact, Martha Carson eventually tried her hand at pop music too and had some impact on rock and roll, … Continue reading Martha Carson Influenced The King

The Multiplicity Of Donnie Brooks

If you're a fan of early rock and roll you might remember the guy who had a Top Ten hit in 1960 with "Mission Bell." You might also recall that the name he used on the record was Donnie Brooks, and that's pretty much who he was from then on, but it wasn't his real … Continue reading The Multiplicity Of Donnie Brooks

Marvin Rainwater’s Musical Journey Is Over 

Once again, I'm saddened to report that someone we've previously featured on the GMC has passed on. Marvin Rainwater, an early rockabilly star who also found a lot of success in country music, died recently in Aitken, Minn. He was 88. You can read more about him in the post below, which was originally published … Continue reading Marvin Rainwater’s Musical Journey Is Over 

Boyd Bennett’s Big Break-Out

Five years ago we featured the Fontane Sisters and mentioned several of their hits, including one that wasn't their biggest but still nearly reached the top of the charts. But the trio's version of 'Seventeen" wasn't the only one to hit high on the charts, and it also wasn't the first. That distinction belongs to … Continue reading Boyd Bennett’s Big Break-Out

Rockabilly Pioneer Sonny Burgess

Albert Austin "Sonny" Burgess - May 28, 1929 – August 18, 2017 I've written before about how common it was in the early days for rockabilly stars to come from the ranks of country music veterans, but it wasn't always that way. In at least one case, a guy who was one of the best … Continue reading Rockabilly Pioneer Sonny Burgess

Rockabilly’s Sparkle Moore Inspired By Comics

It seems as if most performers now keep their real name when starting a career, but in the past it was very common for young beginners to choose a stage name, and they were sometimes pretty inventive. A good example of that occurred in the 1950s when Omaha-born rockabilly pioneer Barbara Morgan turned herself into … Continue reading Rockabilly’s Sparkle Moore Inspired By Comics