A Kid’s Favorite Roadside Attraction

I've always enjoyed traveling the highways, but it was more interesting when I was a kid. Today's interstate highways are great in terms of efficiency and safety, but the high speeds and limited distractions are kind of. . .boring. I sometimes long for the days when cross-country highways like US 40 and US 66 were … Continue reading A Kid’s Favorite Roadside Attraction

Memories Of Memorial Day

Memorial Day can hold different meanings for all of us, but most of our thoughts obviously have something to do with memories. The holiday itself was originally called Decoration Day and was intended to honor military casualties, but has gradually become a day to honor all those who have passed on. Although those types of … Continue reading Memories Of Memorial Day

Get Your Kicks On Route 66

One of my favorite nieces (actually they're all favorites) is a talented and entertaining writer whose posts on her own blog often tickle my funny bone. In a recent tale about a road trip she mentioned Route 66, and that's all it took for my memories to rev up to full speed like a super-charged … Continue reading Get Your Kicks On Route 66