Louisiana Quagmire Continues

Although I’m not any kind of environmental expert, and in fact have been known to chuckle at the occasional misguided efforts from activists, it’s difficult to ignore what’s currently going on in the Gulf of Mexico. The oil spill is continuing to encroach on more and more of the Louisiana coastline, and a solution to the problem doesn’t seem close.

Oil-soaked Penguins

As someone who has spent some time in the area through the years, I sympathize with the locals (as well as the wildlife) because many of them probably have conflicted feelings. After all, most are from families with deep roots in Southern Louisiana, and they do love the place and its furred, finned, and feathered critters.

But a lot of the locals also have a long tradition of being very involved in the industry that is being criticized. Louisiana natives in general — and the Cajun sub-culture in particular — have for many years filled jobs ranging from toolpushers to roughnecks to just about everything else you could imagine.

I’m not taking sides on the long-term effects of dependence on oil; just saying that let’s hope this gets resolved soon, for everyone’s sake.

Johnny Cash w/ Carter Family – “Roughneck”

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