Ral Donner Was Caught In The Elvis Trap

Given the longevity of the GMC, I guess it's inevitable that we would have featured multiple variations of Elvis. By that I don't mean Mr. Presley himself -- although he has made plenty of appearances here -- but rather various other versions of the King. Among those already covered are several entertainers who were often … Continue reading Ral Donner Was Caught In The Elvis Trap

Country Catalyst – A Kentucky Keepsake

Regular visitors to the GMC might remember that the Special Feature known as Country Catalyst is my humble effort to bring new fans to the genre by spotlighting a classic song. Today's choice might be familiar to many because it's been a hit in several different styles, but "Blue Moon Of Kentucky" has kept its … Continue reading Country Catalyst – A Kentucky Keepsake

Joe Dowell Picked Elvis’ Pocket

It didn't happen often, but singer/songwriter Joe Dowell managed to pull off a surprising feat in 1961. Relatively unknown at the time, he cut a record of a sweet little song from one of Elvis Presley's most popular movies. The song -- "Wooden Heart" -- was on the soundtrack album of G.I. Blues, and RCA … Continue reading Joe Dowell Picked Elvis’ Pocket

Martha Carson Influenced The King

Elvis Presley always said that one of his strongest influences was a certain lady who specialized in gospel music (which he loved), and the King sometimes even joined her in duets in the early years. In fact, Martha Carson eventually tried her hand at pop music too and had some impact on rock and roll, … Continue reading Martha Carson Influenced The King

Elvis Has Achieved A Type Of Immortality

Although he died well over three decades ago, it would be difficult to find someone who isn't pretty familiar with Elvis Presley and his music. One reason for his continuing fame might be the countless impersonators we've been exposed to through the years, and I'm not just talking about those who often flock to Las … Continue reading Elvis Has Achieved A Type Of Immortality

Elvis Presley Would Have Been A Geezer By Now

I couldn't let Elvis Presley's birthday pass without marking the occasion. He was born on January 8th, 1935, so that means he would have been 78 if he'd survived. Think about that -- Elvis would have been a geezer. (The thought of that has apparently caused a few folks to get busy with their photo … Continue reading Elvis Presley Would Have Been A Geezer By Now

Shining A Spotlight On Tibby Edwards

Our society is so star-obsessed that we sometimes forget that the evolution of music also depends on lesser-known performers. Guys like Tibby Edwards, who was never a big star but still managed to be in the middle of things during the early years of rock and roll. In fact, at one point he shared the … Continue reading Shining A Spotlight On Tibby Edwards

Something New On The Ol’ GMC

It's no fun having a blog if you don't try new things once in a while, and that's what I'm doing today. If it works out, I'll occasionally mix this type of post in with our normal pieces. However, to help determine that I need a little feedback via comments at the bottom or votes … Continue reading Something New On The Ol’ GMC

Rock And Roll – The Early Days

Nailing down the details of the origins of rock and roll has always been a little difficult, but that hasn't stopped anyone from trying (including yours truly, here on the GMC).  The truth is that it all came about from a combination of various musical influences, but it is possible to identify key moments, like … Continue reading Rock And Roll – The Early Days

Elvis Followed Big Mama Thornton

I would guess that anyone reading this is familiar with Elvis Presley's 1956 rendition of "Hound Dog," but the King wasn't the first singer to hit the top of the charts with the song. That would be Big Mama Thornton, the blues-singing harmonica wiz whose record of the song sat atop R&B charts while Elvis … Continue reading Elvis Followed Big Mama Thornton