Elvis Presley Would Have Been A Geezer By Now

I couldn’t let Elvis Presley’s birthday pass without marking the occasion. He was born on January 8th, 1935, so that means he would have been 78 if he’d survived. Think about that — Elvis would have been a geezer. (The thought of that has apparently caused a few folks to get busy with their photo editing programs, creating pictures like this one.)oldelvis

Elvis Presley has certainly had more than his share of appearances here on the GMC, but I’ve picked four different pieces from previous years that I enjoyed putting together, and I thought they might be worth another look. I’ve temporarily reactivated the music on each of them too

From February of 2007 — Elvis Presley And The Genesis Of Rockabilly

From later that same year — Swimmin’ In the Moonlight With Elvis And Tony

From March of 2008 — Revisiting Elvis In Hawaii

And from March of 2011 — Even Elvis Loved Bumper Cars

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