Something New On The Ol’ GMC

It’s no fun having a blog if you don’t try new things once in a while, and that’s what I’m doing today. If it works out, I’ll occasionally mix this type of post in with our normal pieces. However, to help determine that I need a little feedback via comments at the bottom or votes in the poll, or both.

Here’s the thing: since I’ve started using the widget in the left column to post music, it has worked out pretty well. Visitors to the GMC can always find the latest songs there and play them (and a link is available if you click on the little blue down-arrow on each song).

But the best thing about the widget is that it has plenty of room (unlike my former webspace) so I can post numerous songs there, and that finally brings us to my idea. In an earlier post, titled Confessions Of A Multiple-Music Addict, I wrote about how a lot of us now collect several different versions of the same songs. I have quite a few in my collection, and my idea is to pick an iconic song and then post several other versions of it. Of course, I’m not the first blogger to do that – in fact, there are several ‘cover’ blogs around – but I’m also adding the option for visitors to vote for their favorite.

Here’s my first try: at the bottom I’ve posted a video of Peggy Lee’s classic song, “Fever.” In the music widgets in the left column I’ve posted four other versions of the song. All you have to do is listen and vote!


NOTE: Comments are welcome!

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